Anna Scherbyna (b. 1988, Ukraine)
Lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine. 
Graduated from Odessa’s Art School and National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.

Selected exhibitions:
2018  «A space of one`s own», Pinchuk Art Centre, Kyiv
2018  «Saber, deer and spinning-wheel», Local history museum, Stanica Luhanska
2017  «Socialist Realism. Seeming to Be Another», National Art Museum, Kyiv
2017  «Work hard! Play hard!», Minsk
2017  «Textus», Visual Culture Research Center, Kyiv
2016  «Khlib», Regional Art Museum, Khmelnytsky
2015  «Common frontier», Kyiv
2015  «Nad Bogom», Vinnytsia
2015  «Extreme territories», Rennes/Kyiv/Batumi
2015  «Today we won’t meet», Kyiv
2014  «The solvation of a problem», Small Gallery of Misteckiy Arsenal, Kyiv
2013  «Museum of non-existent objects», Odessa